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Spass fuer die ganze Familie

Mystic "devil's water" in the end of the Glemm valley!
Just a few meters after the well known "Lindlingalm" mountain hut you will find the devil's water. The alpine circus Saalbach Hinterglemm has one further attraction!

The magic world of the devil's water in the end of the valley is a big theme park with many offers for playing and wellness concerning the element water. A "Kneipp"-Basin, a fishpond, wooden playhouse, rocky pool, cavepath, herbs-of-the-alps-path and the "Stonedragonsquare", fairy- and gnomeworld, dancing forest ghosts and some resting places to relax.
The whole summer through you can visit the devil's water for free!



Spass fuer die ganze Familie

Next to the well known devil's water a brand new theme park was built: "Schnitza's wood park" is entered through a wood maze and contains numerous playing facilities.

"Back to the roots" is the motto. How many kids unlearned how to play with simple and natural materials because of computer games? In "Schnitza's wood park" creativity, the spirit of adventure are demanded in the same way as open eyes for the nature and a little braveness.

Herbert Aschaber, the famous wood carver, called "Schnitza", creates with his wood park a new and attractive facility in Saalbach Hinterglemm's holiday portfolio.


This is waiting for you:

    * A buggy compatible path leads you through the park. For the small ones there is a roofed sandbox and a wooden plateau with wooden modules
    * Giant wooden animlas guide you through the park (Foto) (Foto)
    * Herbert Aschaber shows his carving skills once a week
    * At the beginning of each week: Carving and painting your own hiking sticks
    * Milking the wooden cow "Resi" (Foto)
    * Shuttle Bowling (Foto) (Foto)
    * Extreme-Crazy Golf (Foto)
    * Tree Disk Puzzle
    * Can Pitching
    * Tricky games (Foto)
    * Balancing bars and poles
    * Catching the wooden ball
    * Long jumping with animal measures (Foto)
    * Nature trail of wooden mushrooms
    * Snapshotareas




Spass fuer die ganze Familie

Between top- and middle station of the Kohlmais cable car a completely new attraction waits for you this summer! Its all about the little clown Montelino who lost his smile because he neglected his friends and toys until they disappeared. Now its your turn to bring the smile back to Montelino. Take a box and try to find all his friends and toys again. Follow the wise owl - it will help you! Enjoy a new adventure and help Montelino to smile again.

Equipped with an empty toy box - which the children receive at the bottom station of the Kohlmais cable car - they follow the wise owl. With the cable car the visitors glide up to the Kohlmais peak, where the first game stations are waiting.

From the top to the middle station of the Kohlmais cable car it goes through the wood and over meadows - always looking for the lost toys and friends of the little Clown. The children explore the nature and they are having fun on the magic mountain.

From the spider net, passing the giant snake "Paula" to the punch show. From the home of the funny squirrel with the golden nut, take the big chute to the circus arena. There's a lot to explore!

With a walking duration of approx. 90 mins and a distance of about 3 kms the mountain experience at the Kohlmais is ideal to spend a half of full day with the family. Huts with special kid's offers invite you to stay.

The visit of the Adventure path is free of charge. The game pass, which the kids receive at the bottom station is included in the cable car ticket. Please note the opening hours of the Kohlmais cable car.



Spass fuer die ganze Familie
Follow the mystical clues on the track from the goblin on the Reiterkogel.
Once upon a time goblin, called Kodok, had stolen the magic cap from our clown. Until today, nobody had managed to get the clown cap back. It is said, that the goblin hid the cap at a secret place. Now you have the chance, to bring back the luck to the mountain Kodok. To solve the riddle, you have to find the right code of signs and record it in your adventure pass. Follow the mystical hints on Mount Kodok, find the goblin´s tracks and unravel the mysteries, which you´ll see. Dare to go through the dark canyon and the speaking-tree will tell you the secret.

Good luck for your adventure at the Reiterkogel!
Furter information on!

The Facts:
    * The adventure pass - which you get at the Reiterkogel station - is included in the lift pass!
    *  The visit at the fantasy zone is for free.
    * "The Mountain Kodok" a round path of 3,5 kms
    * Be smart and brave to succeed at the game stations like "The sad rocks", "The dark gorge" or "The secret message" along the way.
    * All successful explorers receive a sticker as symbolic award which can be stuck into the play pass. You can also take part at a great competition.

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